Energized Listings

Our listing process provides your brand with a consistent look and feel across more than 50 major directories.

Building a local brand presence can be very difficult. Especially when keeping in mind the foundation of a good brand is consistency. We have the ability to sort through all of your existing listings and update them to eliminate duplicate listings. We believe that if you’re going to put your brand on a public stage you need to know who is viewing it and reviewing it. This is why we have developed Reviewing & Reporting Process that is delivered to your company on a monthly basis.

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  • 26 geodata fields

    We sync 26 geodata fields for you company, like name and address, this defines all of the company and how to find it. We will also be able to add additional locations and keep them listed separate and distinct.

    Duplicate Supression

    We will detect duplicate listings and stop them from costing your company money and SEO benefits.

    Publisher Level Suppression

    Often time companies have multiple listings with one directory. This happens for a variety of reasons. There is only one real way to stop this and the is the Directory Publisher themselves. We have a direct relationship with the publisher to ensure this is not a problem for your company.

    Suppression Monitoring

    Duplicate directory suppression is an ongoing involved process. Our partnership with the publishers allows us a direct line into their system to manage this process.

    Sustained SEO

    Traffic from your duplicate listings should not go to waste. Our process allows your duplicate listings to be redirected to your root listings. This ensures that you will continue any earned SEO and listing traffic.

  • Progressive Linking

    Your company will be listed in the most progressive and dynamic way. We want your target audience to have complete access to your company. Your listings will be linked to your website enticing to your clients with different offers and coupons.

    External Linking

    We can link your listings your website and specific URL’s that you are trying to optimize.

    Review Notifications

    We track the top reviews for your company to see what your clients are responding to. This allows better customer service for future customers.

    Instant Updates

    We can update all profiles in all listings as required in just a matter of minutes.

    Video Linking

    By adding HD video links to your company’s website and YouTube channel we can increase your SEO efforts.

  • Photos & Videos

    Pictures are truly worth a 1000 words. When your company’s listings display images and videos of your product it sets it up on a pedestal. We build an entire portfolio in all of the major directories.

    Photo Gallery

    Crystal clear 460x720 images will ensure your clients get a good feel for your products.


    No better way to get your message across than a video. At 24 frames per second the HD quality will be sure to impress your clients.

  • Capturing Attention

    Submitting quality content is a vital part of capturing the attention of your audiences. Search engines respond to relevant content and so do directories. We will load all of your directory listings with rich content that is sure to set you apart from your competitors.


    We deliver content that is engaging and encourages your audience to seek more information about your product.


    It is widely misunderstood how important that the published content be relevant to your viewer’s needs. We sift through your company content to publish the relevant content available.

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    Target Your Market

    We optimize for up to 10 specific keyword searches and cross categorize depending on specific directories. Your company we will be front and center when you potential client is looking for your services. Don’t just get your name out there, get it out there to your target audience.



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