Social Media Management

With the potential to reach a larger audience with a single post than any other marketing outlet social media has become a major factor for strong business marketing campaign.

Although social media is becoming more complicated everyday it creates a massive digital footprint for your business. Social Media is allows you to actively engage with your target audience while increasing your website traffic and SEO efforts. If your company still relies heavily upon printed marketing pieces you can enhance the effectiveness with a digital link to your social media outlets.

Creating Engagement

These days every brand and company has a social media presence, and, of course, that means that every brand and company has someone manning the brand’s social media accounts. But not every organization knows exactly what to do with its social media presence or what to realistically invest in or expect from its social media manger.

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  • Posting

    Although most business owners are starting to learn how important social media to their business most still don’t know how to use it properly. Business pages are meant to be a resource of relevant industry knowledge. Most business owners are not posting the relevant content that entices their target audience to engage.

    What Time?

    When should I post so that my audience will see my posts? If your not getting the attention to your posts that you are looking for it may have to do with the time of day you post.

    Which Days?

    Although most brands post on a consistent basis throughout the week there are certain days that have a more effective engagement rate. So you may want to increase posts on high traffic days.

    How Often?

    Quality of your posts is substantially more important than quantity of posts. A page posting 4-5 times per week produces a substantially higher engagement rate than when overcrowding your viewers feed.


    Brand walls posting less than 80 characters have a much higher engagement than longer posts. The key is to get relevant content into as few characters as possible.


    Starting to talk with your fans about your products and your industry in specific is a great way to engage. Posting links to relevant content articles is another. The last thing your need to be posting on your company Facebook wall is about the great Happy Hour you all had yesterday after work or Tina the receptionist had her baby.


    The way a post is structure has a direct relationship with engagement from your followers. Asking fill in the blank questions and show physical data charts and images can be a great way to engage your audience.


    Did you know that there are several keywords that can increase your fan engagement by over 55%? It’s true; just a few simple words can be the difference of a new like on your page or a click on your website.

  • Promoting

    Does your company promote your social media activity? If you don’t, you need to be. Social media has the ability to reach masses with a single promotion. The real question you should be asking instead of should I promote, is when should I promote. A multitude of variables come into play before charging your credit card for a social promotion. Leave it to Brand Local to promote your social media.


    Now that your business has a Facebook or Twitter page it is time to promote it. Your social media needs to be a part of all of your outlets. For example; your email signature, blog posts about your new social media accounts, Facebook , Twitter, YouTube badges on your webpage.


    Promoting your most engaged posts to create a micro viral feed is a great way to get your audience talking about your business.


    Using re-marketing tactics with social media will pull clients back to your website and reinforce their confidence in your brand.


    When you experience brand success you should be announcing it.


    Make sure that your brand has a wide varity of offers or coupons that you can offer your audience to entice experiencing your brand for the first time or again as a repeat customer.

  • Engaging

    When it comes to social media engagement is the goal. After you start to establish a target audience and fan base you need to get them to engage.


    When you make posts that entice your audience to ‘Like’ your post you have succeeded. This is the first step in audience engagement.


    If you your posts are structured in the right way you should be able to get your audience to ‘Comment’. Comments promote further conversation.


    When your posts are structured well and relevant they may entice your audience to ‘Share’ the post. A shared post says to your extended network that you have some important things that they should look into.

  • Following

    You may be wondering why it is important for your brand to follow other people or brands? Following people and brands builds a network. Other people and brands contain interesting and relevant content to your audience. By interacting with other brands you will likely see increase in your audience.


    Find other brands that are in your industry but non-competing.

    Big Box

    Following ‘Big Box’ companies will give you ideas about posting structure and content. Typical most ‘Big Box’ brands have a dedicated staff managing their social media.


    Following local brands shows a commitment to your community and builds relationships in the community.

  • Linking

    Building a network of links is a key marketing strategy. While your brand should have many outlets to your audience a solid linking structure will ensure traffic in and out.


    Building offers into your website is a great idea. Whenever you have a promotion on your website you should post a link to your social media feeds.


    If your company is using local directories you should be including coupons and promotions. Post a link to those directories into your Social Media feed.


    Your blog is a great way to reach a new social media audience. Post your social media address into your blog and your blog posts should be part of your social media posts.



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